2021 Results

Ladies Triples

1st Gill Blampied, Joan Le Mercier and Linda Taylor
2nd Joy Hart, Esta Williams and Judy Dove
3rd Rosemary Renouf, Margaret Rolland and Daryl Rimeur

Men’s Triples

1st Mick Rondel, Tommy Glennie and Brian Elliott
2nd Ron Le Herissier, Alf Le Masurier and Alan Rimeur
3rd Ron Vibert, Geoff Thomas and Ken Vibert

Mixed Triples

1st Olive and Geoff Thomas and Graeme Follain
2nd Rita Le Brocq, Georgette Bougeard and Mick Cotillard
3rd Mick Rondel, Tommy Glennie and Linda Tayl


1st Mick Cotillard, Graeme Follain and Gerald Rolland

 2nd Tommy Glennie, Mick Rondel and Linda Taylor

 3rd Haydn Maguire, Gill Noel and Alf Le Masurier


President’s Trophy

1st Ron Le Herissier and Olive Thomas

 2nd Anthony Riley and June Bastion

 3rd Doug Smith and Rosemary Renouf


Ladies Summer Melee

1st Joan Lewis

 2nd Jan Le Gresley

 3rd Linda Taylor


Mens Summer Melee

1st Michael Yates

 2nd Peter Blampied

 3rd Harry Le Marquand


Anthony Nolan Charity Competition


1st Gill Blampied

2nd Linda Taylor

3rd June Morris


Anthony Nolan Charity Competition

1st Tommy Glennie (overall winner)

2nd Peter Blampied

3rd Michael Yates


Esperado Charity Competition

1st Val Glover


Cynthia Michel Memorial Spring and Autumn Melee


1st Olive Thomas

 2nd Linda Taylor

 3rd Rita Le Brocq


Cynthia Michel Memorial Spring and Autumn Melee


1st Peter Blampied

 2nd Francis Le Gresley

 3rd Michael Yates


Ladies Singles

1st Joy Hart

 2nd Jean Maguire

 3rd Sandra Le Riche

Mens Singles

1st Tommy Glennie

 2nd Ron Le Herissier

 3rd Peter Blampied

Ladies Doubles

1st Joy Hart and Judy Dove

 2nd Olive Thomas and Sue Spars

 3rd Linda Taylor and Jenny Le Marinel

Mens Doubles

1st Derek Hart and Steve Foster

 2nd Gordon de Gruchy and Peter Blampied

 3rd Michael Yates and David Killip

Mixed Doubles

1st Derek and Joy Hart

 2nd Peter Connor and Rosemary Renouf

 3rd Mick Cotillard and Rita Le Brocq


Club Doubles

1st Michael and Rosemary Yates

 2nd Tommy Glennie and Mick Rondel

 3rd Haydn Maguire and Gill Noel

Veteran’s Doubles

1st Gordon de Gruchy and Brian Harris

 2nd Derek and Joy Hart

 3rd Rita Le Brocq and Georgette Bougeard

35th Anniversary Celebrations


1st Jean Maquire

2nd Alex Vautier


35th Anniversary Celebrations


1st Tony Allchurch

2nd Derek Hart

2021 Awards

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